Monday, May 4, 2015

...And More Than A Year Later, The Honeymoon

Hey, we totally got married last year!
It's been over a year since we tied the knot, and over a year since I shut down operations over here at Off Season Bride. After all, the wedding planning was over. I was no longer a bride; I was a wife. I officially shut down this blog, thanking everyone for the wonderful ride.

But now, fourteen months later, the  fiancĂ©  husband and I are on our honeymoon.


And it's in London.


With add-on days in Paris and Stockholm.

I was already thinking that I needed to document this in some way more meaningful than a few humble-brag Facebook photos (#HereWeAreAtBigBen #DeliciousVindaloo #LookHowGreatThisIsGuys!). I figured maybe it was time to climb back into the blogging saddle, even if it's only for a week-long ride. Could be a good idea, I decided. But we'll see.

We just wrapped our first full day here in London... and I'm already struggling to remember what all we did today.

Which led me to two thoughts:

1) See, this is why people get married in their twenties.

2) Yeah. I should blog about this. For my own memory's sake, if nothing else.

So here we go. If you're interested in getting back on the OSB train, all aboard, y'all. The catch-up happens now and I'll try to stay consistent for the week.