Tuesday, March 11, 2014

After: An Unexpected Something Blue

The wedding was awesome. AWESOME. Gorgeous and joyful and amazing...

... and hilarious. In several unintended ways.

What do I mean? Well. Prepare for some over-sharing, if you really want to know.

Since "a pop of T.A.R.D.I.S. blue" was our color scheme for the wedding, we ordered Red Velvet Cupcakes from our favorite bakery - but requested they be dyed blue, rather than red. Cool, right? And with all that cream cheese frosting, they were delicious, and devoured by many. That night, we giggled and stuck out blue tongues at one another.

Then things got interesting.

The first text we received regarding the Cupcake Aftermath was from one of D's groomsmen, Don. It read:

Those Dr. Who cupcakes animated the effluence. My poo is blue, sir.

That was the first message we received regarding The Blue Poo Epidemic, but not the last.

Hey, one more communal experience, right?

Something old, something new, something borrowed... and an unexpected something blue.

Yep. Something like that would definitely happen to us, and bring much merriment to our friends. I've never heard so much about other people's shades of poo as I have these past two days. I promise to share more mushy sweet stories from yesterday at some point.* It really was an absolutely beyond-words-wonderful day. I swear.

Followed by blue poo.

*What a terrible first choice of words...


  1. In all the excitement, I actually missed out on cupcakes. So no blue poo... also no cupcakes :-(

  2. Beth, I am so glad you wrote about the unexpected something blue. At our table, when someone bit into the cupcake, someone else said -- your poop will be blue -- and everyone laughed. Well, the next two days proved that right. It was disturbing, but already expected. I wonder if anyone ate more than one cupcake; they were very tasty.


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