Tuesday, March 4, 2014

5: No Flowers? No Groomscake? No Problem!

Just breathe, and it'll all be fine.

Within the past couple of days, I had a few cancellations.

The friend who was going to make a fantastic groomscake (I saw the prototype, and it truly was out of this world) had some other stuff come up, and told me she wasn't going to have the time to make it. Hey, life happens. So I just took a breath, looked up cake toppers on Amazon, and came up with a simple, non-fantastic but totally-fine Plan B.

Then today I got a call from the woman who was doing our flowers. She lives a few hours away, and is a friend of the POG (that'd be Parents of the Groom), and as her gift, was going to design flowers. But she came down with a bug, and wasn't sure she'd recover within the week, and regretfully informed me that she would not be attending the wedding, and not providing flowers. Again, life happens.

So I took a breath, and mentioned this call to a friend - WHO TOTALLY LOST IT ON MY BEHALF, sort of like the Anger Interpreter sketches on Key & Peele (warning, link is NSFW). That was very validating. But I did not lose it. I just went to a florist on another friend's recommendation, walked in, and calmly informed them that my florist had canceled and I would need some simple flowers for Saturday.

"You seem pretty chill about this," said the florist, giving me a look that says Some Brides Would Fall Apart At This News.

"It's fine," I shrugged. "I'm getting married either way."

There have been a few other hiccups this week, but I am resolved to not lose my cool. It's not worth it. No one is being malicious; sometimes plans change. And no matter what, this is supposed to be about joy, community, love - and nothing is going to derail that.

(But, like, also the caterer not canceling would be cool, if You're listening...)

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