Thursday, March 6, 2014

3: VIBs, Lists, Countdown...

Today, I'll be heading to the airport twice to pick up two Very Important Boys:

First, my brother Adam, AKA Three (we're the OddKidds - due to me being #1 in the birth order, him being #3, and us both being "off"), AKA my Man of Honor.

Then, a few hours later, The Fiance, AKA The Man Who Will Be My Husband In Less Than 3 Days.

It's getting real.

Aside from two airport runs, other tasks for today include:
- Get nails done
- Visit The Brow Lady
- Pack up All Of The Things (for the wedding, not the move... SO MUCH PACKING AHEAD OF ME...)
- Obsessively check All Of The Lists
- Call to confirm tomorrow's pick ups and appointments (cake, flowers, drop dogs at kennel, get hair trimmed, something else I'm forgetting... this is why I need to obsessively check All Of The Lists...) and make sure everything can get done before we start the road trip down to The Coast at 10 AM!

It begins.

1 comment:

  1. It worked. Obsessive-List-Checking is not necessarily a bad thing.