Wednesday, March 12, 2014

After: All of the Love

(Brunch Aftershock Picture.)
I wish that I had the time, immediately after the wedding, to capture everything that the day was: all of the joy, all of the laughter, all of the perfect bloopers, all of the friends and family truly becoming one community, all of the dancing, all of the love.

I didn't have that time right after the wedding. We stayed up dancing and karaoke-ing at the Best Unplanned Wedding After-Party Ever until 3 AM, which thanks to Daylight Savings Time was really 4 AM. Then we got up at 9 AM to have brunch with a bleary-eyed but beaming crew of friends and family. Then we had to drive three hours back home, continue packing...

... and the next day, we picked up a moving truck. Some of the very same amazing friends who helped us get married Saturday night showed up Monday morning to help us load a truck and move away from them.

As I said on Facebook, teary-eyed as I typed, that is the definition of Joy. Community. Love. The theme of our wedding, and God willing, the theme of our life.

Someday, I want to have time to share some of the amazing stories of love from the weekend and immediately following it. I mean, I did already share one brief hilarious blue-comedy bit. Now, I will share one sweeter moment:

Toward late afternoon, as the fiance HUSBAND was preparing to hit the road (yes, another week-long separation ahead), our friend Richard came over. When we let him in, he said, eyes alight: "I'm going back outside to get something set up! Don't come out until I knock again!"

Curious, tired, and obedient, we waited. A few minutes later, he knocked again. We stepped outside, and my eyes welled with tears for the thousandth time this week. When we stepped outside, this is what we saw:

Somehow, in the time between Sunday and Monday, while we packed and loaded and prepared for The Next Big Thing without any time to reflect and relax... Richard created an incredibly beautiful, moving memento - not only for us, but for our parents and our little wedding team. In his shop, he chopped up the beautiful twisted trees that had formed the base of our chuppah, and created candle sets for all of us. Wherever any of us go, we will now always have a small piece of our first official "home" as a married couple to take with us, and literally light our lives. Is there anything more lovely?

I don't have time, today, to reflect on all of the moments like this, from The Day and everything after. I still have too much packing to do, too much cleaning to do, to many hugs and quality time to squeeze in while I can. But for the record? I did have the time of my life that day. Getting married was awesome. It's pretty cool to say that the best wedding you ever went to was your own. It truly was the Best Day Ever.

And it's all because of the people. Our parents and siblings, our friends who are family. We didn't spend a lot of money on this wedding, relatively speaking, but we did spend a lot of time and energy and collaboration. It's overwhelming. I might not stop tearing up every few minutes for a good long time. Especially since the fiance HUSBAND is gone again, and I'm staying with precious friends (WSM-D and hubby-J) I can't imagine not seeing all the time, and the emotional roller coaster is far from over. But what a ride, y'all. 

What a beautiful ride.

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

After: An Unexpected Something Blue

The wedding was awesome. AWESOME. Gorgeous and joyful and amazing...

... and hilarious. In several unintended ways.

What do I mean? Well. Prepare for some over-sharing, if you really want to know.

Since "a pop of T.A.R.D.I.S. blue" was our color scheme for the wedding, we ordered Red Velvet Cupcakes from our favorite bakery - but requested they be dyed blue, rather than red. Cool, right? And with all that cream cheese frosting, they were delicious, and devoured by many. That night, we giggled and stuck out blue tongues at one another.

Then things got interesting.

The first text we received regarding the Cupcake Aftermath was from one of D's groomsmen, Don. It read:

Those Dr. Who cupcakes animated the effluence. My poo is blue, sir.

That was the first message we received regarding The Blue Poo Epidemic, but not the last.

Hey, one more communal experience, right?

Something old, something new, something borrowed... and an unexpected something blue.

Yep. Something like that would definitely happen to us, and bring much merriment to our friends. I've never heard so much about other people's shades of poo as I have these past two days. I promise to share more mushy sweet stories from yesterday at some point.* It really was an absolutely beyond-words-wonderful day. I swear.

Followed by blue poo.

*What a terrible first choice of words...

Sunday, March 9, 2014

We Did.

We got married, and it truly was the best day ever. I'll catch up on the backlog of blogs and all the stories of the beautiful day that was our gorgeous, hilarious, joy-community-love-filled wedding. For now, here's to all of that incredible love... and this:

Friday, March 7, 2014

2: Tomorrow

Today, we will run around like mad and then drive for three hours.

Tonight, we will rehearse and then dine with our nearest and dearest, then D will go off with his boys, I'll spend a quiet night with some of my friends and then with my parents.



Thursday, March 6, 2014

3: VIBs, Lists, Countdown...

Today, I'll be heading to the airport twice to pick up two Very Important Boys:

First, my brother Adam, AKA Three (we're the OddKidds - due to me being #1 in the birth order, him being #3, and us both being "off"), AKA my Man of Honor.

Then, a few hours later, The Fiance, AKA The Man Who Will Be My Husband In Less Than 3 Days.

It's getting real.

Aside from two airport runs, other tasks for today include:
- Get nails done
- Visit The Brow Lady
- Pack up All Of The Things (for the wedding, not the move... SO MUCH PACKING AHEAD OF ME...)
- Obsessively check All Of The Lists
- Call to confirm tomorrow's pick ups and appointments (cake, flowers, drop dogs at kennel, get hair trimmed, something else I'm forgetting... this is why I need to obsessively check All Of The Lists...) and make sure everything can get done before we start the road trip down to The Coast at 10 AM!

It begins.

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

4: Ensemble, Assemble!

In the past 24 hours, I have officially heard from EVERYONE in our glorious wedding ensemble via email, text, Facebook message, call, OR local get-together wherein we've put together candles and table decorations, gone over details, and shared in important wine.


This is going to be awesome.


Half-Thoughts, Whole Heart...

I have started writing something for this blog, every day the past week. A different post, each day. I've been jotting down things I don't want to forget; the milestones marking some of the moments that stand out in the otherwise blurred-nonstop-movement that this week has been.

I start writing them, get just enough out to capture what it is I want to preserve, and then I look up. I see presents that still need assembling, boxes that need packing, a phone lighting up with work emails, pets that need food, vendors that need reminding or payment...

...and that's just in the evening hours, when I'm not actually at an office.

My thoughts all feel half-formed.

But my heart? Filled to overflowing.

I'll finish the posts. They're good. (No promises that the writing is stellar or anything, but they're good because the kindness of strangers and loved ones is mind-blowing... and also because the bumps in the road are amusing, and laughing at my misadventures will brighten your day.) But right now it's 1:18 in the morning and I still have four more presents to wrap.

Good night.

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

5: No Flowers? No Groomscake? No Problem!

Just breathe, and it'll all be fine.

Within the past couple of days, I had a few cancellations.

The friend who was going to make a fantastic groomscake (I saw the prototype, and it truly was out of this world) had some other stuff come up, and told me she wasn't going to have the time to make it. Hey, life happens. So I just took a breath, looked up cake toppers on Amazon, and came up with a simple, non-fantastic but totally-fine Plan B.

Then today I got a call from the woman who was doing our flowers. She lives a few hours away, and is a friend of the POG (that'd be Parents of the Groom), and as her gift, was going to design flowers. But she came down with a bug, and wasn't sure she'd recover within the week, and regretfully informed me that she would not be attending the wedding, and not providing flowers. Again, life happens.

So I took a breath, and mentioned this call to a friend - WHO TOTALLY LOST IT ON MY BEHALF, sort of like the Anger Interpreter sketches on Key & Peele (warning, link is NSFW). That was very validating. But I did not lose it. I just went to a florist on another friend's recommendation, walked in, and calmly informed them that my florist had canceled and I would need some simple flowers for Saturday.

"You seem pretty chill about this," said the florist, giving me a look that says Some Brides Would Fall Apart At This News.

"It's fine," I shrugged. "I'm getting married either way."

There have been a few other hiccups this week, but I am resolved to not lose my cool. It's not worth it. No one is being malicious; sometimes plans change. And no matter what, this is supposed to be about joy, community, love - and nothing is going to derail that.

(But, like, also the caterer not canceling would be cool, if You're listening...)

Monday, March 3, 2014

6: Everyone Is Amazing

I would just like to go on the record and say everyone is amazing.

I was on the verge of feeling stressed at work today, and before I'd even expressed one iota of nerves, three of my co-workers (including my supervisor) pulled me into an office. They shut the door.

"Tell us how we can help you," they said.

"I'm really okay--" I started to protest.

"Yeah. We know. Tell us how we can help you. We were thinking maybe we could make some appetizers for people to nosh on after the service, before dinner? Also we called the printer, he's going to take care of your programs. And M is already picking up the cupcakes, so she'll transport those, and the appetizers, and the programs, and  if there's anything else she can drive down, let us know."

I am reminded every day - every say - that it takes a village. And I have the best village ever.


Sunday, March 2, 2014

7: Chuppah

How do you get the right chuppah?

The right ingredients, of course. Starting, first and foremost for us, with the right people.

As noted early on, our team has been and continues to be incredible. Our friend Richard the Master Builder was enlisted quite early to be our Chuppah Builder. More recently, WSM Diana and I went shopping for some fabric for the canopy-top of the chuppah. Turns out around that same time, Richard was out in the woods... chopping down some trees to really make a hand-hewn traditional wedding canopy.

He began the basic construction, and invited WSM-D and me to come help finalize the design and move toward final build yesterday. With a week to go, it was time.

I have no words for how beautiful this chuppah is going to be. Only an amazing feeling of gratitude. I think gratitude is going to be the Word of the Week, y'all. So instead of words, here are some pictures to document the day's work and preview the beauty to come...

A sturdy tree view...

Cutting the fabric with RL

Cutting up with the fabric (and can you spot the WSM?)

Experimenting with draping the fabric

Sewing the fabric once we found the right draping
(Thanks for the help, Lesley!)

Saturday, March 1, 2014

8: I Glued My Fingers Together

I am not a "DIY" person.

Well, I mean, I am absolutely a do-it-yourself person, in most arenas. I've lived my own life, paid my own bills, set my own schedule, done-it-myself since I was 17 years old. (I certainly had plenty of love and support, thank goodness. But I took pride in doing things myself.)

However, in the craft-sense of "DIY," I am a total bust.

Thus, I knew there would not be many DIY elements to this wedding. I mean, D is good at DIY stuff; he can draw, sew, construct stuff. I'm not artsy. I can write and act and fake my way through dancing, I can organize the heck outta anything... but fold some origami or design a some jewelry or come up with cute custom table decorations? I quote the Noptetopus:

However, in addition to D (who, let's keep in mind, isn't here), I am surrounded by DIY people. People who are helping me with things like decorations (more on the amazing MQ soon). Though I'm minimizing the DIY overall, I did decide there is one thing I should do. By myself, with my own two hands: make customized flair for my ensemble.

I wanted it to be something unique, longer lasting than corsages or boutonnieres. Something that could be worn by anyone, with multiple options for display. Something eye-catching but classy. I've been working on this off and on for the past several late nights, pre-assembling; tonight, I began assembling.

This project involves super glue.

As the Spoiler Alert post title has already revealed, I glued my fingers together.

I mean, really glued them together.

Tore the skin off my fingertips glued them together.

Still have residue on my fingers even after exfoliating, salt-scrubbing, and tearing at my own skin glued them together.

But the good news is I'm borderline optimistic that when I finish this flair, it will be pretty cool.

That's really all I can manage to type right now. My fingertips are killing me.