Monday, January 6, 2014

Just Over 2 Months To Go: My Life Is A List

#TheList. It haunts me.

I've always been a list-maker, but now it's gone to the extreme. I said that this blog wouldn't be a "resource site," but I might share a clean version of my master list tomorrow in case it helps out any list-loving-but-logistics-hating folks of my ilk. Maybe it can help others, others like me who love a completed list like Cookie Monster loves a crazy big cookie.*


Here's where I am with #TheList, AKA The List of What Needs To Be Done For This W-Word Thing To Happen (you can understand why I shortened it to #TheList).

Everything with a " ü "  - I've completed. Anything highlighted, I'm behind schedule on. Anything with that other weird symbol that keeps replacing my check-box icon is not yet done, but not yet overdue. I have my work cut out for me. (Also, I should note - I'm saying "I" and not "we" because while D does have a few assignments, since he's now several states away and starting an intense new job, this last couple of months of W-word planning is mostly coming down to me. On behalf of we. Luckily, I/we have an excellent on the ground AND distance cadre of people willing to help us/me get this done.)

Here's where we are:

The (Fun! Fabulous!) Off-Season
5 Month Wedding Planning Checklist

(Okay, yeah, so we've been engaged for more than 5 months - we decided to "just enjoy being engaged" for the first month or two - can't say I regret that... YET) 

5 Months Ahead
ü  Set a date – run it by important must-attend list (parents, besties) before locking it in!
ü  Book a venue for the service
ü  Book a venue for the reception (light two candles with one match and have both in the same place – BOOM – that’s our plan)
ü  Select officiant
ü  Determine a budget and how expenses will be shared
ü  Decide on a color scheme, if you’re having one
ü  Take engagement photos (and make them YOU)
ü  Guest List for Save-The-Date / the big invite

4 Months Ahead
ü  Send Save-The-Date
ü  Buy a dress (or whatever you’re planning to wear for the big day)
ü  Buy appropriate underwear (to go under said dress / whatever)
ü  Put together your ensemble (some people call them bridesmaids, groomsmen, that sort of thing, but we preferred the more-inclusive and theatrical “ensemble”)
ü  Hire a photographer
ü  Create wedding website
ü  Have some fun registering for stuff (and start looking around your place and deciding what you’re ready to donate or lovingly gift elsewhere)
ü  Start premarital counseling

3 Months Ahead
ü  Book reception entertainment
Hire a videographer – OR ASK A FRIEND!
ü  Do some tastings
ü  Hire a caterer
Book tables, chairs, linens, serving-ware, anything you may need (or make sure your venue has all of that covered
Order cake/groomscake
ü  Book rehearsal dinner location
ü  Choose ensemble attire (again, other people might call ‘em bridesmaid dresses and tuxes, but we’re going with “upscale techie”)
ü  Figure out flowers
ü  Order invitations
ü  Get hotel rooms blocked / hopefully with event discount!
ü  Contact venue to confirm timeline for day of rental
ü  Buy wedding bands
Start planning for honeymoon – making sure passports are up to date, that sort of thing…

2 Months Ahead
ü  Select and send invitations
      Draft service and program (including ensemble roles)
       Meet with a financial planner to sort out financial plans/any merging
       Meet with an insurance dude to figure out life insurance, discounts for auto, any policies and/or paperwork you need to plan on updating
       Order wedding favors
       Order Ketubah (if you’re getting married under a chuppah)
       Send shot list / requests to photographers
       Decorations meeting 
       Have a tech meeting to go over set-up, sound system, etc.

1 Month Ahead
       Arrange for time off work (wedding, at least; mini-moon/honeymoon?!)
       Book hotel room for nights surrounding wedding, as needed (consult with family)
       Purchase or procure accessories like guest book, aisle runner, etc.
       Make appointment with stylist; do a test run of hair/makeup
       Buy gifts for ensemble
ü  Get marriage license (30 days out) + any other tests or documents required by the state
       Buy / create Jewish wedding kit (wine, glasses, glass for breaking, easel for Ketubah)
       Harass anyone who hasn’t RSVP’d
     Send evite for rehearsal dinner
       Finalize number of attendees and share info with rental folks, catering, etc.

2 Weeks Ahead
       Check in with all vendors (caterer, photographer, videographer, entertainment, venue)
       Plan seating arrangements, if you’re doing that (FYI, we’re not)
       Test run with chuppah set-up
       Finalize and print programs
       Create cue list (order of how everything will go in the venue – service, cocktails, food…)

1 Week Ahead
       Grocery shopping: put together an awesome snack basket for the ensemble
       Mani and pedi (me)
       Haircut (he)
       Pack car with everything needed (that deserves its own list: dress, snacks, party favors, ketubah, wedding kit, toiletries, rings, license… yeah, seriously, make a separate list)

Day of the Show, Y’All
       Evening before: Rehearsal
       Evening before: Rehearsal dinner
       Morning of: EAT FREAKIN’ BREAKFAST
       Set up at venue with ensemble
       Hair, makeup, costumes
       Make sure stage managers have cue list
       Eat, drink, and be married.

The good news is, two months out, while I am still behind... I'm not nearly as far behind as I was when I was three months out... it was frankly far too embarrassing at that point to share this list. Making progress, y'all.



  1. Progress is good. I don't see any symbol next to the "Draft wedding service and program"-- on track or not your job?

    1. I think Blogger just doesn't like this many bulleted lists/symbols :) It's on my list, not done yet but not *quite* overdue... planning to finish it up tomorrow eve.