Monday, January 6, 2014

Brought To You By The Letter W

Sorry for the delay in updates. It's been a big week. I have a few half-started posts that I *will* finish and share in the coming days.

(Mary Poppins said "Well begun is half done," but I think she may have been taking a few extra spoonfuls of sugar or rum punch with that optimistic assessment.)

In the meantime, time has become exceptionally weird: What with the fiance gone and the wedding looming, I simultaneously want time to hurry the bleep up and slow the bleep down. Instead, I am going to trust that time is moving at precisely the speed at which it is meant to travel. I will try to take each day as it comes, and at the end of each day, hopefully have a satisfactory answer for each of the following questions:

Did I write today?
Did I work today?
Did I work out today?
Did I do some wedding prep/planning today?
Did I drink enough water and eat well today (okay, the second "w" is a stretch here, but whaddaya want)?

If I can focus on these five Daily Ws, I think I'll make it.

Of course, I also need to pack and sell household items, and talk/Skype/chat daily with D... so if y'all can think of ways to make those activities start with a W, awesome. Otherwise, oh well. I'm probably not going to stay inside the lines much in the coming weeks...


  1. Well, winter weather worries will wither with wine while wrapping, while writing wittily without waffling, while welcoming weekday, weekend webcams with wonderful winning wiseguy. Well?

    1. Huh, somehow my earlier reply didn't post! WELL: Wonderful work with your wittiness :)