Saturday, December 7, 2013

91 Days to Go: Am I A Boring Bride?

FIRST OFF: Deep sigh of relief, y'all. Finally heard back from the venue yesterday, end of day. We have a place to get married. Whew.

SECOND: Tomorrow is going to be a big day for #TheList. I may even share an original, hard-forged resource that may be of use to other off-season and/or no-muss- no-fuss-brides.

THIRD: I'm afraid I might not be a terribly interesting bride. I mean, I'm a pretty interesting person-- and as it happens, this past week has been a terribly interesting week. (Roller coaster of good, bad, and WTF?!)

But, like - most of it isn't bridal.

In fact, on a day to day basis, I don't talk, do, or even think very much about the upcoming wedding. Seeing as it's three months away, that seems a bit:

A) Bizarre - because most brides seem way, way more obsessive about all things bridal, and then there's me. After trying dresses on at a friend's house two weeks ago, I forgot about them and left them there. They're still there, including the one that we decided is, in fact, THE ONE. Oops.

B) Problematic - because, um, there's stuff that I/we really do need to be doing.

C) Boring - for generating blog content here, anyway.

I guess the upside is due to B, offset by A, C may well soon stop being an issue... more soon.

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  1. Glad that I read that your heard from the venue almost-in-the-instant that I was reading it was worrying you!

    IF there were just enough time to write it down... there would be no worries about being boring!!