Sunday, November 24, 2013

I Haven't Forgotten

I haven't forgotten about this blog, or about the fact that this whole W-word thing is happening in less than four months.

Well, okay. Sometimes I do forget.

I forget I'm getting married, and then I look down and see the ring and am all like, OMG waitaminute WHAT?! (Only sort of kidding. Actually, mostly I remember because people ask me 75 times a day how the wedding planning is coming.)

I forget about this blog, and then someone says: "Hey, when are you going to post something again?" (Thank you to the 10 people who do read this blog for all being very insistent that NUMBERS DON'T MATTER, LOYALTY does, and dagnabbit, I better give you some good material here.)

But here's my November excuse:


I am almost 45,000 words into a written-from-scratch-starting-November-1 novel. I roller coaster back and forth between thinking it's awesome and thinking it's a stinking pile of elephant poo.

But I'm writing it, either way - and that's the point of NaNoWriMo.

In addition to the novel madness, I cranked out a full-length play in my spare time because there was a mid-November deadline I really, really wanted to hit. I'm also about to take two road trips in the next week (one will be 200 miles each way; one will be closer to 1,000 miles each way). Then there's also the impending holidays. Oh, and the regular workload, since for some reason bills still need to be paid and such.

Oh, but yeah - also got a few more things checked off #TheList.

I'm not trying to make excuses-- all right, yes, I am. I also promise I'm not trying to boast about all the writing, because you should see the list of things I HAVEN'T gotten done; it's a beast. Also, as aforementioned, all of the writing may well be stinky, stinky elephant poo.

If I have a few minutes of downtime over Thanksgiving (once the drive-time is mostly completed) I'll post some updates. For now, just an exhausted acknowledgment that yes, I've let this blog languish. But as NaNoWriMo concludes and as we get into the 100 Days 'Til Wedding Countdown - holy CRAP we're already down to 105 days, and yes I just had to look that up - I'll post more often.

In the meantime, I'm grateful for the flurry of writing this month, and for the supportive and wonderful friends, family, and yes, fiance (see, I remembered) who don't abandon ship with me when I get into one of these modes.

With love, as always -

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