Tuesday, November 12, 2013


Today is the fiancé's birthday. His magical birthday, no less: 11/12/13. I told him that must mean that the year ahead is going to be his best one yet.

In addition to his birthday, with all the buzz around 11/12/13 today, I have numbers on my mind (and trust me when I say, I'm not really a numbers-kinda-girl). Here are some of the numbers delighting or frightening me:

Yeah, I'm seriously marrying him.
Why do you ask?

116: Days until our wedding. I think I need to do a 100 Days Until... Countdown. Any thoughts?

4: Days since I've done anything even remotely wedding-related.

2: Number of wedding dresses I own, since I managed to successfully sell one! (I know. #offproblems)

5,000: Number of guests who show up at the wedding nightmare I've started having, where there are not enough seats and I have zero dresses (because now I sold three?!) and no food and the groom isn't speaking to me and there are seven tornadoes on the horizon... it's a bad dream.

180: Number of miles, round-trip, we're going to drive tonight to see a stand-up comedian. It's the fiancé's birthday and this is something he wanted to do. So we're rock-starring it on a Tuesday. That's love.

27,031: Number of words I've written for my NaNoWriMo project. That number will not be increasing tonight, due to the number/reason directly above this one.

1: Number of days late my rent was this month, due to me running out of checks...

55: Number of extra dollars the landlord made me pay in rent, despite NEVER HAVING BEEN LATE BEFORE IN 3 YEARS (other than general numbers/money stress, this number and the last one have zero to do with bridal anything, but I just needed to vent, thanks)

0: Number of additional minutes/hours I feel like I have in my life right now to get anything done in a timely manner... I should probably start by ordering some checks. Getting back to work. Driving 180 miles tonight. Then maybe, maybe doing something wedding-related tomorrow... did I mention next week we're going to someone else's wedding in New Orleans, and a few days after that we start the 16-hour-each-way-road-trip-to-Michigan for Thanksgiving?

But absolutely, the number one thing keeping me same?

That guy in the donut cat shirt. Happy birthday, babe.

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