Friday, November 29, 2013

99 Days to Go: Father of the Bride (The Movie)

Watched "Father of the Bride"...

With my very own FOB.


Incidentally, I'd never seen the original before - just the Steve Martin remake - and this might be the first time ever when I actually enjoyed a film and its remake equally. I mean, I probably do prefer the remake, just because the humor resonates a bit more (and I do love Steve Martin), but there's a lot that the remake flat-out stole from the original. That makes the original get a lot of the credit for some truly timeless gems.

However, the tagline of "The Bride gets the THRILLS! Father gets the BILLS!", well... maybe not. And the whole going-from-her-father's-home-and-keep-straight-to-her-husband's, well... hey. Even the parents of the bride had separate beds in the original (thanks, Hayes Code!), so at least it's dated across the board.

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving / 100 DAYS

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Chanukah!


What. The. WHAT.

Sunday, November 24, 2013

I Haven't Forgotten

I haven't forgotten about this blog, or about the fact that this whole W-word thing is happening in less than four months.

Well, okay. Sometimes I do forget.

I forget I'm getting married, and then I look down and see the ring and am all like, OMG waitaminute WHAT?! (Only sort of kidding. Actually, mostly I remember because people ask me 75 times a day how the wedding planning is coming.)

I forget about this blog, and then someone says: "Hey, when are you going to post something again?" (Thank you to the 10 people who do read this blog for all being very insistent that NUMBERS DON'T MATTER, LOYALTY does, and dagnabbit, I better give you some good material here.)

But here's my November excuse:


I am almost 45,000 words into a written-from-scratch-starting-November-1 novel. I roller coaster back and forth between thinking it's awesome and thinking it's a stinking pile of elephant poo.

But I'm writing it, either way - and that's the point of NaNoWriMo.

In addition to the novel madness, I cranked out a full-length play in my spare time because there was a mid-November deadline I really, really wanted to hit. I'm also about to take two road trips in the next week (one will be 200 miles each way; one will be closer to 1,000 miles each way). Then there's also the impending holidays. Oh, and the regular workload, since for some reason bills still need to be paid and such.

Oh, but yeah - also got a few more things checked off #TheList.

I'm not trying to make excuses-- all right, yes, I am. I also promise I'm not trying to boast about all the writing, because you should see the list of things I HAVEN'T gotten done; it's a beast. Also, as aforementioned, all of the writing may well be stinky, stinky elephant poo.

If I have a few minutes of downtime over Thanksgiving (once the drive-time is mostly completed) I'll post some updates. For now, just an exhausted acknowledgment that yes, I've let this blog languish. But as NaNoWriMo concludes and as we get into the 100 Days 'Til Wedding Countdown - holy CRAP we're already down to 105 days, and yes I just had to look that up - I'll post more often.

In the meantime, I'm grateful for the flurry of writing this month, and for the supportive and wonderful friends, family, and yes, fiance (see, I remembered) who don't abandon ship with me when I get into one of these modes.

With love, as always -

Tuesday, November 12, 2013


Today is the fiancé's birthday. His magical birthday, no less: 11/12/13. I told him that must mean that the year ahead is going to be his best one yet.

In addition to his birthday, with all the buzz around 11/12/13 today, I have numbers on my mind (and trust me when I say, I'm not really a numbers-kinda-girl). Here are some of the numbers delighting or frightening me:

Yeah, I'm seriously marrying him.
Why do you ask?

116: Days until our wedding. I think I need to do a 100 Days Until... Countdown. Any thoughts?

4: Days since I've done anything even remotely wedding-related.

2: Number of wedding dresses I own, since I managed to successfully sell one! (I know. #offproblems)

5,000: Number of guests who show up at the wedding nightmare I've started having, where there are not enough seats and I have zero dresses (because now I sold three?!) and no food and the groom isn't speaking to me and there are seven tornadoes on the horizon... it's a bad dream.

180: Number of miles, round-trip, we're going to drive tonight to see a stand-up comedian. It's the fiancé's birthday and this is something he wanted to do. So we're rock-starring it on a Tuesday. That's love.

27,031: Number of words I've written for my NaNoWriMo project. That number will not be increasing tonight, due to the number/reason directly above this one.

1: Number of days late my rent was this month, due to me running out of checks...

55: Number of extra dollars the landlord made me pay in rent, despite NEVER HAVING BEEN LATE BEFORE IN 3 YEARS (other than general numbers/money stress, this number and the last one have zero to do with bridal anything, but I just needed to vent, thanks)

0: Number of additional minutes/hours I feel like I have in my life right now to get anything done in a timely manner... I should probably start by ordering some checks. Getting back to work. Driving 180 miles tonight. Then maybe, maybe doing something wedding-related tomorrow... did I mention next week we're going to someone else's wedding in New Orleans, and a few days after that we start the 16-hour-each-way-road-trip-to-Michigan for Thanksgiving?

But absolutely, the number one thing keeping me same?

That guy in the donut cat shirt. Happy birthday, babe.

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Save The Day(te)

So yeah, we had a little fun with our save the date card (which has finally started landing in mailboxes, after several weeks' delay):

Sorry, crashers, we took out the super-specific details because our venue just isn't all that big. But it does have lots of convenient little nooks for going from secret identity to super-suited-up, BAM! in a flash.

P.S. You can tell who knows me well and who doesn't when someone asks the question: "How did he talk her into this?!" If you don't know that this concept not only required zero arm-twisting but was also a 100% collaborative effort, we obviously haven't spent any time together...