Wednesday, October 16, 2013

I'm Pretty Sure The Calendar is Laughing At Me

Somehow this whole W-word thing is less than five months away.

And between now and then, we have several interstate road trips, his birthday, my birthday, a big urban family event, Thanksgiving, Chanukah (which this year is creating a Frankenholiday dubbed Thanksgivukkah), Christmas, and the New Year. And some writing deadlines. And, like, jobby stuff.

Those five months are going to fly. There's a lot to do in a little time, life-wise and W-word-wise. In fact, my calendar just took a look at my to-do list and guffawed.

(My calendar is on my phone, of course, so maybe it's a Siri thing. I don't know. I just bought an on-sale iPhone 4 since the iPhone 5 made it obsolete. It was the off season thing to do, obvi.)

This week, I'll update #TheList. There should also be some excellent photo ops coming soon, since this weekend there will be many activities, including cake tasting.

That's right. There may be stress. But by God, there will also be cake.

(Just like in the last post. Hmmm. Beginning to detect a theme. Spoiler alert: This is going to be a VERY carb-y celebration.)


  1. I wish I could eat cake with you!

    1. Me, too! So far, though, cake-ing has mostly been a strikeout... more on that later!