Sunday, August 4, 2013

It's Piper's Fault, Really

I've had a busy week.
It's all her fault.

I'm trying to recap the recent visit from the MOB, a post which'll go up soon. Hopefully.

Running around doing theater stuff.

Taking on too much work.

And - full confession time - we started watching Orange Is The New Black, which has eaten up my pre-bedtime hours. D & I have both been busy and tired, and being able to just collapse on the couch, cuddle with the pets and watch a well-acted series that makes us both frequently exclaim "LET'S NEVER GO TO PRISON" (frankly, a worthy goal) has been a good end to the day.

But I should be spending that time writing, I know. And planning. So I'm gonna get back on track. For real. Setting deadlines. Making lists. Updating #TheList.

(Just as soon as we finish OITNB. Damn you, Netflix, and your terrific original programming!)