Thursday, August 1, 2013

TCOSAG: The Complete Off Season Acronym Glossary

We're gonna use a lot of acronyms, y'all.

Why? Because acronyms are fun.

So here is The Official Complete Off Season Acronym Glossary, or TCOSAG.

See? TCOSAG. Laugh riot! Anyway, I'll keep adding to it as we go. You may want to bookmark this post, for handy reference.
  • ASAP - As Soon As Possble (overused)
  • FOB - Father of the Bride
  • FOG - Father of the Groom
  • MOB - Mother of the Bride
  • MOG - Mother of the Groom
  • MOH - Man of Honor (note: in other weddings, this might well stand for "Maid of Honor", but this is the off-season)
  • OS - Off Season; can modify anything (i.e. OS-Venue, OS-Dress, OS-Bride)h
  • #TheList - Tasks completed for The W Word
  • The W Word - Other people say wedding all the time, I try not to overuse it
  • ZOMG - ZOMBIES OH MY GOD! (I never understood why this became a thing, but it cracks me up and I'm co-opting it for this blog)
Last updated August 1, 2013

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