Monday, August 12, 2013

Ladies & Gentlemen, WE HAVE A VENUE!

Now that the deposit check has cleared, it's official: WE HAVE A VENUE!

And the winner is.... THE ECLECTIC ART MUSEUM! 


There are no pictures of the two of us there, yet. But there will be. Oh, there will be.


So, hooray! And holy (bleep). We have a lot of other stuff to do now...

...but at least we know we'll have a place to *do* that other stuff! :)


  1. So happy the news is official! Where's the updated list? And, if MOB and FOB are in town for the September show, can we TASTE TEST THINGS?

    1. We'll have to put our heads together... the tricky part here is that since the wedding & the show are several hours apart, tasting may be hard to arrange, unless we're transporting a few choice items! (Which we might.)

    2. ^ I assume you mean the wedding *venue* and the show.... unless there is something you need to tell me RIGHT NOW!!!

  2. I knew it! I knew it! It looks so cool.