Wednesday, August 21, 2013

I Won't Be a Princess Bride, But...

Okay. After a deeper previous post, which yielded some truly thoughtful comments on what's in a name (thanks, y'all!), I was going to go to my next think-piece. But people keep asking for pictures of me trying on wedding dresses. So, while I may not ever be a Princess Bride, in the words of one famous farm boy...

Enjoy the pictures. (And next time, I'm going to tell you how I *really* feel about a certain major bridal apparel company. And then, back to the think pieces. Probably. And more updates to #TheList!)


There was the dress with the lovely back...

Kudos to the MOB for this artsy shot.

And the dress that taught me I truly hate chiffon...

I like nothing about this. No. Thing.
And the dresses that taught me I actually don't hate lace and/or some delicate detailing...

And the one princess-y dress that I did kinda like...

And the other princess-y dress - the one that wanted to TAKE OVER THE WORLD:

This dress was big.

Dramatically, emphatically big.

*None of these are THE dress. But each of them taught me something, bringing me one step closer to figuring out what to wear for the big day. Even GIANT DRESS. Thanks to the MOB and the Diana for taking pictures, and helping me keep this stressful outing light. 


  1. Said it before, will say it again: You are beautiful in every setting. Because you are beautiful. Starting from the inside.

  2. If only it was like Goldilocks...only three dresses to choose from, and easily finding the one that's "juuussst right." ;)