Saturday, August 3, 2013

A Visit from The MOB

This past week, I had a visit from the MOB.
The MOB.

Don't worry - I'm referring, of course, to my mama, not the mafia. Which reminds me: I put together the Off Season Acronym Glossary (TCOSAG, natch), which will probably continue to grow. So anytime the alphabet-soup gets confusing over here, head over there.

Even with the help of fun acronyms, I don't even really have the words to describe how grateful I feel at this time of my life - at least, when I'm paying attention, like right now. I ran out of fingers and toes with which to count my blessings quite some time ago. This week, in particular, with my mom in town, The Fiance busy but around whenever he could be, a local production of one of my plays selling out here (The Show being part of the reason for this trip's timing, along with some early-stage W-Word planning)-- I just have a lot for which to be thankful, and I need to remember that. 

Especially when I'm sniffle-y about my mother being a thousand miles away again, and not seeing my dad, and feeling exhausted and slightly overwhelmed by how much is on my plate at the moment, I need to remember: I have it really freakin' good right now. These are the good days, and I want to savor them.

So without further ado, though this post can't do the week justice, here are some fun pictures and stories from my week with the MOB, day by day. Incidentally, this packed itinerary should also help explain why I've fallen behind on the blog. Totally justified.

The MOB arrived. We celebrated with some wine and cheese at the house, along with some chips she had brought (an inside joke recently established). The MOB and I dashed over to the theater to work the box office for The Show, greeting audience members and then watching a great opening night performance. We went out to the pub after the show to celebrate with some food, drink, and theater-storytelling.

Beautiful Bloody Mary.
We got up, took the pups for a walk, then headed to Coffee Shop #1, and commenced caffeinating ourselves while writing and working (like mother, like daughter). We took a brief break for lunch with The Fiance's coworkers, who also happen to be my former coworkers, so those rendezvous are always a good time. From there, we went to Coffee Shop #2 to get the rest of the work/writing for the day done... and may have squeezed in some W-Word shop talk, too. Then it was time to head home, grab a bite, and head back to the theater, where the MOG and FOG were also awaiting - they had driven in for a weekend mini-visit to see the show. Friday night's performance was even better than opening night. Post-show, following a quick interview with a reporter, we decided to head home rather than go out on the town this time. Instead, I introduced MOB to The Walking Dead. Sorry, FOB... she's coming home addicted.

After starting another day with a pup-walk, we had what I'll call the Acronym Brunch: breakfast food and Bloody Marys with the MOB, MOG, and FOG. We were able to recap the show, talk a little W-word, and fix our own fabulous Bloody Marys at the 101 ingredient bottomless Bloody Mary Bar. What could be better? Then the MOG&FOG had to hit the road, the Fiance had to head to rehearsal, and MOB & I went to grab my friend Diana.. I could then screw up my courage and try on a few DRESSES. Aaaaaaaiiiieeee! That will warrant its own post. (Here's one picture to tide you over for now. No, this is not THE dress, but it's pretty, right?)

We dress-ed, and then we had some Mai Tais and variations on Mai Tais. Then, though there was another performance that night, I said we didn't have to go (the cast, full of favorite friends, had informed me that it scared the crap out of them when I was in the audience). "Well, if you don't want to scare the crap out of them," the MOB said simply, "We'll wear wigs."

So we did. Which probably did scare the crap out of some people. But ya gotta give the woman points for style. We saw the show AND went out for cast/crew dinner post-show... in wigs. Yep.
I didn't come from nowhere, people.

Sunday we had the smallest bit of blessed downtime, so we all sat around on couches reading for awhile (bliss!), then I made us a big breakfast, we lounged a little more and watched some Orange Is The New Black (DON'T EVER GO TO PRISON, y'all), then headed to the city shelter to bathe and tend to some pups. From there, we came home and re-hydrated, then the Fiance stayed in while the MOB and I headed out for some shopping and secret-sharing. I can't tell you the secrets, but I can tell you this: we are both really, really, really bad at shopping. Specifically, we are bad at letting salespeople help us. When salespeople get aggressive, we bail. We went to several clothing stores, bought nothing, then went to Fresh Market and bought a lot of groceries. We are very good at grocery shopping. And making dinner. And talking. Take that, salespeople.

Monday, the MOB got to stay at home with the pets while the workweek beckoned for a bit. But I picked the MOB up at lunch, we had some Mexican for lunch (her request - true story: the FOB ate too much Tex-Mex when we road-tripped to Arizona when I was in high school, and claimed he'd eaten so much he never wanted to eat Mexican again; that was in 1995, and he's sticking to his guns on this one), then worked side-by-side for the afternoon before taking the pups for a walk, then grabbing dinner and heading downtown to see some friends in an improvisational comedy show. Mostly what we remember about this is how FREAKING HOT it was in the venue. Seriously. Freaking. Hot.

I tried to get the must-do work done as quickly as possible, so the MOB and I could enjoy lunch with the Fiance (Indian, this time, per the MOB's request - she has good taste). Then we had some coffee, and buckled down and got some W-Word stuff done, including putting together a spreadsheet for the guest list, and talking some turkey about structure of the weekend and such. We made a brief appearance at a friend's farewell party, and tried to go to a cool new bar, but it was too crowded.
Our writer-nails

So then, since D had rehearsal and it was our last night of the visit, we had a truly glorious girl's night in. We had some wine. We painted our nails and embellished them with newsprint to make epic writer nails. We had some cheesecake for National Cheesecake Day. We watched some more of The Walking Dead. We talked. I mean, come on - wine and cheese(cake), girly-talking and nail-painting, and zombies: best mother-daughter night ever!

Early the next morning, I woke up crying and wrote the MOB a note thanking her for her visit, and for everything else she is and does. And then she began her 1,000 mile drive back home, to the FOB, who missed her intensely while she was here.

Because that's how it is with the MOB. Wherever the MOB isn't, you keep looking around...

And so, to dry the tears and keep forward momentum, here's a bonus quick update on THE LIST:

1. A Partner
2. Two Men of Honor
3. Fantastic Family
4. A Tentative Date
5. A Chuppah Builder
6. A venue!! (Drum roll, please...)
7. Photographers!! (More on that soon, too!)
8. An officiant!!! (Yes, yes, more updates soon!)
9. A guest list spreadsheet (Boring, but vital. Now, to start plugging in names...)


  1. One upside to this whole W-word thing: LOTS of awesome excuses for the MOB to return between now and then, and hopefully bring the FOB down with her the next time!

  2. Yes, LOTS more trips south- and FOB will attend some trips, I hope!